Medical Flight Services

Medical Flight Services for clients across the world

Our dedicated team of highly qualified nurses have the expertise to allow clients to travel on flights across the world to receive treatment from global specialists.
  • Clients requiring ventilation through invasive methods (including tracheostomy) and non-invasive methods.
  • Clients on home oxygen.
  • Clients with gastrostomy.
  • Clients with indwelling/suprapubic catheters.
  • Clients requiring passive movements therapy.
  • Clients on seizure management.
  • Clients who have suffered Strokes.
  • Clients who have suffered head injuries.
  • Clients who have suffered Acute/Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Clients who have suffered Spinal Cord injuries and degenerative spinal diseases.

From our vast experience in medical care, we at CLCA Nursing can fully appreciate that in order to receive the specialist care that is required, it is sometimes necessary to travel abroad or to undertake medical repatriation. This is why we offer our team of highly qualified nurses for medical flight services.

Our team of nurses accompany the client on an airline flight. We assist clients who are immobile or require specialist care when being transported. This allows us to focus on the safety and physical and mental well-being of both the client and their family during a potentially high-risk and stressful time.

To further ensure safe travel we secure the required medical clearances and will coordinate all ground and air transportation which includes any specialised medical equipment that may be required and to make sure the travel is as safe and comfortable as possible.

The care does not begin here, however. We will closely monitor and assess the client’s medical status from the first contact and we will liaise with their medical team and facilities to fully develop a bespoke plan for the travel.

Upon arrival at the destination, CLCA Nursing will then remain with you until the final destination, be it a hospital or the client’s home. Here we will help the client and their family settle into the new environment and ensure the client is the main priority. We will then be able to provide a detailed handover to the receiving medical team.

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