Preparing for winter

19th December 2017

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The onset of the winter months means an increasing burden on the NHS and its staff.

It’s a fact of life. More people are in need of medical attention over the winter, a time which can be particularly difficult for the elderly and more vulnerable in our community.

As our aging population continues to rise and NHS targets are regularly failing to be met, it is important that steps are taken to ensure patients receive the best possible care that can be provided.

Here at CLCA we are doing our best to take the pressure off the NHS, private hospitals and nursing homes by providing the highest quality nursing staff and support workers to ensure these organisations can continue to operate with a reduced level of disruption to hospitals and patients.

Agency workers play an increasingly vital role in filling the gaps.

CLCA is committed to supplying this need. Our recruitment process and training is extensive – to ensure we get the right people in place for when we get the call to provide a healthcare professional.

Our comprehensive list of fully qualified and readily available staff means we are able to provide the right professional at very short notice, resulting in a smooth transition in working practices and confidence in the level of care patients are going to receive – with every care need catered for.

Whatever the requirement one call to CLCA will set the wheels in motion for us to provide the best healthcare at home or in the workplace.

And if you are interested in joining the CLCA team please do get in touch on