Staff spotlight – Ingrid Simkin – Nurse

23rd March 2018

"I think what you take away from nursing is what you put in really. Through working with the agency, I can experience different areas"

At CLCA, we are committed to finding and retaining staff who are dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced.

We spend a lot of time searching for the perfect team and we also work hard to ensure our staff are happy doing what they do – after all, the happier our staff are, the happier the people we care for are.

We look at the career path of each of our job applicants and take on those we feel have the experience which will enable them to thrive at CLCA.

One such person was Ingrid Simkin from Montgomery, a registered nurse who has been in the profession for 11 years.

She qualified in Shrewsbury and started working in a cottage hospital before transferring to a district post where she gained a district nursing qualification and eight years of experience.

After a stint as the department manager of ophthalmology and ENT at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Ingrid decided to take a career break to look after her family.

“That’s where the agency came in really because I need to retain my skills and my pin, and the flexibility the agency has offered me has meant I can do that without compromising looking after the children,” she says.

Ingrid has worked within private home care and at the cottage hospital in north Powys for CLCA.

“I actually really prefer the hospital working, I feel it’s utilising and developing my skills and I really enjoy the team working that hospitals offer, so I tend to opt for hospital shifts rather than private client shifts. But I’m open to either and that’s where CLCA works for me because I can do whichever I feel like doing.

“I think what you take away from nursing is what you put in really. Through working with the agency, I can experience different areas, I can be a member of different teams and it’s actually helped me to decide what I want to do in the future.

And for Ingrid as a nurse, having Cherry as her boss has made a ‘huge difference’ to working for the agency.

“It means when I’m bringing up issues that have concerned me, I know I’m not talking to somebody who’s just going to say yes I’ll see to it and go off and bury it, or not do anything about it.

“When I’ve had an issue in the past, Cherry has listened, she’s shown that she’s keen to hear what the issues are and that situation has never arisen again.

“For me, it’s quite important to work for somebody that I respect, with Cherry being qualified I think that respect is automatically there and it’s highly important in the agency set up that there are nurses in the most senior positions.”

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