CLCA is an established NHS staffing provider that also delivers home-based services to people with complex care needs and significant health conditions, long-term illnesses, injuries or disabilities across the UK.

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CLCA provides care for the NHS and the community. The business was established in 2012 in Shropshire, in the West Midlands providing care across the UK.

The Company specialises its services in a wide variety of complex healthcare conditions, including acquired brain injuries, spinal injuries, neurological disorders, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and those with ventilator and gastronomy dependencies.

Our Company

The Company’s initial focus was to provide temporary staffing solutions to fill in staffing shortages in the NHS and other private organisations. Shortly after, CLCA added a new division, the Homecare Division, which aims to deliver its services to the hospital-at-home market through the NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC). This has allowed the Company to fully support the Discharge to Assess (D2A) pathway set out by NHS England.

CLCA aim to provide home-based services to people with complex care needs and significant health conditions, long-term illnesses, injuries or disabilities. It is marketed as a company that can potentially reduce hospital stays, eliminate hospital admissions and support relatives. The Company is based on enabling people to make their own choices and to be able to live their life comfortably at home independently.

Our Values

In setting up CLCA, we have identified 5 core values that as a North Star for the business. This has allowed us to form our STACK principles.

It has been suggested that a value is truly core if you would want your business to stand for this value in a 100 years’ time and we firmly believe that our STACK principles would still stand.

Studies of companies has shown that a business’ core values are an essential component in building a successful company.   It has been suggested ‘core’ means that a value is “so fundamental and deeply held that it will change seldom, if ever.”

Stability – We aim to offer stability during turbulent times by providing a dedicated team for each client.

Trustworthiness – We build trust with our clients and their families by doing what we say we will do from the outset.

Accountability – We are accountable for making sure that our clients’ physical and mental well-being is cared for.

Commitment – At our heart, we are people who are passionately committed to those in need. It’s why we do the jobs we do.

Knowledge – Our staff are put through a large amount of training to ensure that they provide the best level of care to the client.

Our Strategy

In the outset, CLCA’s strategy was to offer its services as an off-framework agency with the idea of being as flexible as possible financially to work within the NHS budget without compromising the quality of services provided. With the NHS’s primary direction of more care being administered at home in preference to the more expensive hospital care, CLCA has targeted what it believes to be a huge market.

Our experience and efficiency allows us to maintain a financially stable health agency by managing our resources well and integrating the most effective technologies into our daily operations.

The Company then underwent a phase of rapid expansion through the creation of the Homecare Division, acquiring privately-funded clients as well as dealing with CCG contracts.

In July 2017, the Company opened its own 24/7 call centre service to demonstrate its dedication to providing excellent around-the-clock service to all of our clients.

Our Staff

Our recruitment process is thorough and will include a personal interview with a Registered Nurse, checks into qualifications, experience and competencies, a review of current health and immunisation records and an Enhanced Disclosure.

The Company aims to provide a quality service to our clients through the provision of the very best staff. It is for that reason our processes strive to exceed the minimum statutory recruitment and selection standards required of care workers.


Our team of recruiters interview applicants right across the country, usually in premises which are conveniently located for the staff being interviewed. The CLCA recruiters apply a strict set of criteria to all applicants to ensure that all staff are properly qualified, experienced and adaptable to clients’ needs.

Following a successful interview, the completion of necessary checks and the receipt of satisfactory references, staff become eligible to work through CLCA.

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How we approach homecare

We liaise fully with the client, family and medical teams. This allows us to develop a full care package that can start before Hospital Discharge to ensure the client is brought into a safe and secure environment, suitable for their needs.

The Company select applicants who will be introduced to the client and the family. The client and the family can then choose who they want to employ.

A Manager and a Lead Nurse will be assigned to look after your care. They will make an appointment to see the client and the family to further expound your personal choices and requirements. They will also explain that they will be carrying risk assessments and draw up the care plan based on the client’s clinical and personal needs.

The Manager and/or Lead Nurse will visit again to discuss the risk assessments and the care plans with you to give you the opportunity to recommend and revise as necessary.

The Manager will update the Hospital regarding what is happening during each stage and to explore further any other measure to support a smooth transition.

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How we partner with the NHS

CLCA is proud to offer their staffing services, a service providing high-calibre of nursing and health care professionals to NHS and private hospitals. This is a team of experienced nurses and carers determined to fill in staffing shortages at the last minute.

Unexpected last minute staffing shortages can cause severe disruption to a hospital uni’s daily function, demands and targets. This impact can also be felt not just by the members of staff but primarily by the patients and their family and friends.

Our nursing services provide you with health care professionals dedicated to answering this demand. The Company recognises this is exactly what you need.

CLCA has a high staff retention and through this, we are able to offer bespoke rates for off-framework staffing requirements to allow for affordability without sacrificing staff quality.

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We can supply you anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

We are committed to making a difference in people’s lives. We specialise and understand the varying requirements of our clients who have a wide range of complex care needs such as brain or spinal cord injury and other complex medical conditions.

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