Congratulations to Eric Piala

Congratulations to Eric Piala who has successfully passed the OSCE Examination for Nurses.

Eric Piala has worked with CLCA Nursing as a senior care assistant for the past six years. All throughout his career with us, he has demonstrated excellent conduct, consistently delivering high-quality care to our residents.

As an organisation, we take pride in providing a supportive and compassionate environment for our residents, and Eric has been a crucial part of that effort. He has consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism in his interactions with both residents and staff, and has earned the respect and admiration of all those he has worked with.

What stands out most about Eric is his unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality of care to our residents. He has always gone above and beyond to ensure that our residents’ needs are met, and has demonstrated a level of compassion and empathy that is truly exceptional.
He has a proven track record of delivering exceptional care and has consistently received positive feedback from our residents and their families.

The skills he had learned over the years has made him pursue his conversion from his Nurse Qualification in the Philippines to that of the UK Accreditation. CLCA had supported Eric during this transition and we as a company couldn’t be more proud that Eric is now a qualified Nurse in the UK. He has been a dedicated and reliable member of our team and we believe that he will excel in his chosen career as a compassionate and skilled care provider.