Hospital Cover

Here at CLCA we are probably best known for our involvement in caring for clients at home – but we are also playing an increasing role in the services supplied by the NHS and private hospitals.

We are committed to providing the very best healthcare professionals to meet the growing demand of clients. This often means supporting clients through the transition of hospital patient to being back at home.

CLCA has tailor-made care packages for each individual as we believe everyone is different and will have differing needs to a greater or smaller degree.

We are also heavily involved in providing hospital cover and working with our colleagues in the NHS and private hospital sector to ensure they have sufficient staff to meet this ever-growing demand.

This means our highly trained nurses are out and about in hospitals assisting with the high number of patients, particularly at this time of year when winter takes its toll and our hospitals are overwhelmed.

Many of these patients end up being in a position where they can be released home but are often having to be kept in hospital because they can’t be released due to their circumstances.

CLCA-provided nurses are caring for these people on the wards when hospitals are struggling to cope and ensuring they can be released home when they are able by virtue of our service to smooth that transition with other CLCA healthcare workers.

By covering all the basis, helping with hospital workloads, ensuring patients who are able can return home and look after those clients in their home environment, we feel we are providing a vital service to the community which may otherwise falter.

This is the worst time of year for the NHS. Doctors’ surgeries and A&E departments are at breaking point as they try to deliver care to their patients.

CLCA can’t make winter any less demanding in terms of a heightened need for hospital care but we can do something about making sure there are highly qualified nurses available to answer the call, very often at extremely short notice, to support our colleagues where it really matters – on the wards.

Our nurses are of the highest quality and come to us through a strict recruitment scheme. Each one has to exceed minimum statutory requirements and selection standards. Something which sets us apart from others in the industry.

This means when you are looked after by a nurse provided by CLCA you can be assured of the best possible care – whether at home or in hospital.

CLCA is currently recruiting for nurses, so if you are a specialist nurse or a nurse looking for a varied role we are waiting for you to contact us now.

For more information, telephone 01743 460 957, or email