How we have approached the coronavirus pandemic

With the rise of the coronavirus outbreak, CLCA Nursing has taken comprehensive action to mitigate risk to staff and clients across all of our packages across the UK. The safety of our amazing staff and clients will always be our top priority as we strive to provide services in-line with our Outstanding CQC rating.

We will always advise people if they require further information about the coronavirus itself, please follow the latest advice on the NHS or websites.

CLCA Nursing’s Covid-19 Plan

The pandemic has had an immense impact on daily life across the world and the continued effects will undoubtedly last for the foreseeable future. We have been treating the outbreak with the utmost importance and have developed our plans in line with Government and Public Health England (PHE) guidance to be prepared for any eventuality which has been established and overseen by the senior members of the Clinical and HR Teams.

The Office Team

Since the lockdown was announced, we have been operating a skeleton office staff that has ensured the office receives the vital PPE deliveries and is able to complete some of the daily running tasks. The majority of staff have continued to work from home using the same digital tools that keep the business running smoothly including daily video-conferencing to ensure that tasks have been carried out.

We constantly review the guidance from Public Health England (PHE) to ensure that our staff understand and are following the latest advice. Our staff understand and follow the guidance we will continue to provide the safest environment for staff to work from.

Our Field Staff

From the outset, we have been incredibly proud of the work that our field staff have been doing. Working on the frontline during these unprecedented times has of course been challenging, however the staff have risen to this challenge and it really shows why we were recently awarded the Outstanding rating CQC rating. The PPE situation in the UK has been well documented and the team have made every effort to ensure that staff in the field have been equipped with everything they need to work in a safe environment for themselves, the clients and their immediate loved ones in the household.

The Clinical and HR teams have been in regular contact with staff to tackle any issues and will continue to do so.

Our Clients

With the plans and safeguarding we have actioned we have been incredibly proud to say that we have had no confirmed cases in our clients and we will continue to implement as many measures that are necessary in order to keep our clients safe. We often care for clients with complex care needs who may be more susceptible to the virus and so we will ensure that we will go above and beyond to negate these risks.

What else have we done?

We are continuously looking at ways of expanding the range of services that CLCA offers; be it our medical repatriation company CLCA Assistance or our brand new range of healthcare products including the alcohol sanitiser gel and sprays through CLCA Healthcare.

CLCA has adapted to the changes in daily life throughout the coronavirus and will always put the protection of staff and clients at the forefront of what we do. Our new range of products will support us in providing a complete healthcare solution.