Meet Judy!
From Pampanga, Philippines!

Wanting to experience life outside of the Philippines, Judy moved to the UK last February through the sponsorship program by CLCA’s overseas recruitment team.

She immediately became part of the CLCA family. She joined the Head Office team just 3 days after arriving in the country and is now under the wings of Cathy Santiago & Brian Apalisok, our own Clinical Management team.

Judy understands life in another country can be very different but she’s eager to explore more of the world and learn from her experiences. She’s ready to face the challenges of adapting to new situations, cultures & life outside of her comfort zone. In light of her new adventure, Judy is excited to meet new people of various backgrounds in the UKs rising cultural diversity.

Recalling life in the Philippines: “It was simple. Food was simple yet delicious. There is a strong Christian fellowship. Caregiving & hospitality has become part of Filipino psyche & has consequently become ingrained in our culture”.
Attention to people & values of caring is at the forefront of CLCA ethos. We realise the significance of the work we do and how it can be life-changing for our patients to receive the proper care they deserve. For these reasons, the health & well-being of our patients will always be our priority. This shared mindset allows Judy to seamlessly integrate into the CLCA family and work towards the same goals together.

Before we officially welcomed Judy to CLCA, our dedicated HR team was on hand to help her first make the leap across the world. Judy was grateful to have Allyson Bailey, Julia Glover and Julien Hathaway (mum!) assisting her through the whole process.

“CLCA helped ease the whole process by providing guidance on what I needed to do step-by-step throughout the recruitment process. Ensuring no documents were missed and that I fulfilled all prerequisites. The sponsorship provided by CLCA also created a stronger case for me to make the move.” CLCA is one of the A-list of recruiters published through the Home office.

Now, having somewhat adjusted to UK climate, Judy is well underway with training and is taking a step-by-step approach to the daily influx of new information. Judy expressed an interest in taking extra online courses in the future to help further her learning & unlock more of her potential.
But it’s not all work, work, work for Judy! In her spare time, Judy loves to sing; and she also teaches English and children’s English to Chinese students.

We’re proud to have Judy onboard with CLCA and of everyone in Head Office who was involved with her transition. Additions like Judy to the CLCA family ensure that we continue to grow but in the right direction, with unified values & goals that put our patients first.

(Judy is far left in photo)