Would you consider live-in carers?

It’s a difficult decision.

"We are able to offer care packages designed to individual requirements and personal needs and cover a wide range of specialist areas."

Do you think you need a live-in carer and what would it mean to have someone else living in your home?

Independence is most important and as we get older we sometimes need to rely more on other people as we develop worsening health. It can be a difficult thing to admit but a live-in carer could be the difference between staying in your home or not.

It is reassuring to think you can stay comfortable in your own home for as long as possible – there really is nowhere else you would rather be. Fortunately, here at CLCA we understand your concerns and are able to put your mind at rest.

We have five years of experience in providing care to adults and children with special requirements in their own home. Our fully trained carers and nursing professionals ensure we are able to provide a safe and effective service in caring for clients with complex care needs and medical conditions.

We are able to offer care packages designed to individual requirements and personal needs and cover a wide range of specialist areas. These include caring for clients requiring home ventilation, clients with gastrostomy and those on seizure management.

CLCA professionals have a wealth of experience in caring for people with long-term illness, like strokes, head injuries, acute brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and degenerative spinal diseases. Whatever your individual need CLCA is here to help you get through each day with the best possible care and the minimum amount of disruption.

We offer a 24-hour, seven-day service and our friendly team are able to answer any questions you may have about the level of care you require. We are happy to talk it through with you and offer our advice on what is best for you or a loved one.

Having someone living alone can be a major concern for family and friends and having a live-in carer can help to put minds at ease. It is also comforting for the client to know that someone is in their home to deal with anything that may arise.

All our staff are trained to the highest level and each goes through all the relevant checks before being assigned to you.

We have recently made life a little easier for anyone needing to book a carer or nursing professional. Our new online portal at www.carerbooking.com means prospective clients click on to our site, enter their postcode, explain their needs and we process that information quickly to provide the appropriate care.