Staff spotlight – Duke Nelson – HCA

11th April 2018

"One of the main reasons he enjoys working for CLCA is having support 24/7 whenever he needs it."

Trusting someone to care for your loved one at their time of need, whether that’s at home or in hospital, is a huge deal – and that’s why at CLCA we invest a lot of time into finding the right staff.

Our team is made up of people who have a wealth of experience in care, as well as having the personality and attributes we would want people looking after our own loved ones to have.

Just like Duke Nelson –  he has been in the sector for 12 years and is currently an HCA working towards his NVQ Level 3 in health and social care, having already attained Level 2.

He’s worked with everyone from children to people with dementia and in a variety of settings including hospitals and nursing homes.

“When you’re working in hospitals you’re given a certain role to do which will include assisting people you might not have met before on a daily basis, helping them eat, wash, get changed, change their beds and when they’re down you need to be there for them. In general, it’s something I enjoy doing,” he says.

“When working for someone with a care package, you’re working with one or two people all the time and you have to find time to give them their privacy while still giving companionship. You try and be there when they need you, assist them with their medication, prompt them when they’re not eating, ask if they want a bath. You can’t force anybody to do anything they don’t want to do, it’s all about prompting and letting them know the positives of whatever you suggest and I enjoy doing that as well.”

Duke says one of the most important things to him is ensuring people always think positively of the company, and he does his part by making sure he does ‘everything by the book’ and makes ‘the clients happy’.

One of the main reasons he enjoys working for CLCA is having support 24/7 whenever he needs it.

“If you’re having problems, there’s always someone to call to assist you or somebody to come and help you,” he adds.

“I think it’s the best company I have worked for so far in my 12 years working in care.

“Every carer has got Cherry’s personal number so you can call her and she’ll answer the phone. I think it’s very helpful that we’ve got a nurse who has been out in the field as well to manage the company we work for.”