Staff spotlight – Maya Besent – Nurse

1st May 2018

“I definitely like working for CLCA. They really take care of their staff and always support us."

Here at CLCA, we are hugely proud of the team we have built up over the years we have been running and we feel each and every one of them represents the company in a positive way.

Part of the reason for that is we ensure we only take on staff who have an excellent track record in the industry and have the right mindset to succeed within nursing – with compassion, dedication, people skills and all of the other skills which make a person a first-rate carer or nurse.

Another reason for our glowing reviews is we ensure we take care of our staff. Once someone is taken on by CLCA, they are part of the family and we do everything we can to ensure they’re happy at work, as this positivity will then be passed on to the patients.

We know when we send our staff to someone’s home to provide care or to a hospital to cover a shift, that they will put patient care at the forefront of everything they do that day – and will do an excellent job.

And that’s definitely true of Maya Besent, who has over 20 years of experience having gained her nursing diploma in 1995.

Maya mainly works hospital shifts for us and concentrates on patient care as well as admissions, discharges and transfers to other hospitals.

“The main thing is to have compassion and take care of the patients in a busy environment,” she says.

“I definitely like working for CLCA. They really take care of their staff and always support us.

“I really like the management, because they are trained themselves, they know how hard nursing is and they understand what the nurses are feeling and always appreciate our hard work.

“It’s great you can give them your availability and they always give you shifts when you want them. They also make sure the transport is available so everyone can get home even if they’re a long distance away.

“The management is always taking care of us and I am really proud of them.”