Testimonial – Stroke care

Mr C. from Shropshire

“I can’t fault CLCA and the care they provided and I want to recommend them to those looking for care”

Mr C. suffered a devastating stroke that left him unable to speak and paralysed down the right hand side of his body.

His wife knew she wanted to bring him home from hospital after months of treatment but needed the right people to be providing him with the best possible care.

Mr C. from Shropshire, arrived home from hospital in August.

But Mrs C. struggled to find the right care team for her husband.

“I used major agencies across the country, in London, but we could not find someone with the level of care and knowledge that we needed.

“We did have a private nurse with great references and the standard of care was very good but we had trouble with her relationship with others involved in the care.”

Mrs C knew that the effects of her husband’s stroke meant he could not remain at home without specialist nursing care and worried that a solution may not be found – until she discovered CLCA Nursing.

“We couldn’t have done it without them,” she says. “With CLCA we were able to have specialist registered nurses who were extremely caring and considerate and there was no division between the nurse and the carers.

“Everyone was very impressed with them, they were efficient and of a very high standard, and they got on really well with him – he commanded a room, even though he was non-verbal he could signal his needs.”

The nurses and healthcare assistants at CLCA nursed and cared for Mr C for over three years until a further stroke.

“He adored them,” added Mrs C. “They learned his non-verbal language and they allowed him to rule. He was a man that made a great impression on people and they had a lot of respect for him.

“And I had respect for them – they never minded me pointing something out that I thought could be done in a better way, not medically but with him and how he liked things.

“When relatives came they would make tea, it wasn’t part of their job but they did it anyway. They were just so caring and lovely.”

Sadly Mr C passed away in 2017, but Mrs C wanted to share her experience of CLCA in the hope that it may benefit others.

She said: “There must be lots of people looking for an agency that have difficulties, I know because I did it.

“I can’t fault CLCA and the care they provided and I want to recommend them to those looking for care.”