Suffering in silence – don’t be afraid to ask

The need for social care.

"CLCA can provide qualified and experienced staff to ensure the best possible service"

The need for social care across the country has more than doubled during the last five years and as our population continues to grow more and more people are in need of help – but might not know how to go about getting it.

The BBC reported in March this year that more than 2,500 hospital beds a day are taken up by patients whose release is delayed due to problems with care.

Families often feel powerless to assist as they want the best care for their loved one and know they cannot provide this for them if they take them home.

But families can help their loved ones – there are companies that can provide the complex care needed in the patient’s own home, whether this be for a few days while social care is found for them, or on a permanent basis.

The home environment is not only a better place for the patient to be, it also helps to take the pressure off the overburdened NHS.

CLCA, based in Shrewsbury, is helping in this critical area by providing nurses and healthcare professionals to the NHS, private hospitals and nursing homes, but also providing these nurses to home environments – giving people access to hospital care at home.

The 2,500 hospital beds a day ‘blocked’ by people who could be transferred and cared for at home is a staggering figure. CLCA is doing its best to help free-up hospital beds and keep the system moving.

CLCA can provide qualified and experienced staff to ensure the best possible service to clients.

Just contact us on our free helpline 0800 999 4003 and we will find the right professional to help you in your situation.

The company is continuing to expand and is looking at broadening our boundaries to incorporate other areas of the country. To do this we need to take on more healthcare professionals to ensure we can cater for the increase in demand for our services. Click here for our homecare services.

So if you are a potential client, don’t be afraid to ask for our help. And if you are a fully qualified healthcare professional and want a new challenge get in touch with us now on