Testimonial – Complex Care – Adult

5th December 2019

“I was lifted out of what was essentially a dark and sad and very depressed state into one of happiness and it was that initial introduction that I have found has been the case all the way continuing on with the company.”

Jonathan is a tetraplegic following a serious car accident in August 1994 and through the years has had a myriad of providers and joined CLCA Nursing earlier in 2019 following the closure of his previous provider.

“CLCA came on-board at a moment’s notice and rapidly took over, in my case a safeguarding situation, and from the minute they started I was thoroughly impressed.”

“The team in the office differ from other agencies in the sense that I think it felt like a family, a family environment and they are always accessible from the top down.”

Jonathan suffers from Autonomic Dysreflexia which is a syndrome in which there is a sudden onset of excessively high blood pressure and is potentially life-threatening. It is more common in people with spinal cord injuries that involve the thoracic nerves of the spine or above.

“Cherry’s reaction to that was to have training within a couple of weeks. There hadn’t been any training for three-and-a-half years with the previous agency and that gives you the context of how different CLCA are and how much effort they put into details, the professionalism, the medical side.”

“The fact you have got an ITU trained nurse at the very top of the tree and the lead nurse specialist is not just a fully trained nurse but actively in hospitals keeping up with current trends helps them massively…a professional medical outfit that has, across the board, every angle covered.”

At CLCA, we aim to provide continuity of care through our staff provision and this has given Jonathan a broader aspect to his care which allows him to socialise and get out into the community.

“I have been given the autonomy to go out there and fulfil my dreams.”

Jonathan now has aspirations to go back to college and to get back into sport, including playing tennis at Nottingham Tennis Centre which was made possible through the research and hard work of one of Jonathan’s care team. Inspired by his father, he was an active and decorated sportsman throughout his life and has continued to be so following his injury.

“Interestingly, although I missed out on the England hockey team as a younger man, I ended up playing for England, former GB as a wheelchair user so, after my accident, I ended up playing at a higher level than I ever did as an able-bodied person and that is something my dad was very proud of.”

“For me, CLCA from the minute they came into my life has been all about giving me a sense of being brought into a family rather than joining a faceless company of individuals, but a team.”

Learn more about Jonathan and his story through the video we put together with him.

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