Working with someone with a brain injury

Understanding clients with brain injuries are the key to a successful provision of care.

"Understanding clients with brain injuries are the key to a successful provision of care."

Some clients with brain injuries, depending on the extent of injury may not manifest physical defect, but the injury might be manifested in terms of behaviour and adaptation to everyday living. In order for CLCA Nursing to embrace the specialism of the subject, the Company invests in a lot of training especially to all its key members of the clinical team so that they can properly supervise the teams they are leading.

Looking after a client with a brain injury is long-term in nature. As the client’s condition gets better or worse, it is important for the carers to adapt to the situation as it arises. CLCA Nursing ensures that each client has a team solely designated to look after a particular client. This is to ensure that there is a continuity of staff being provided in order to make the provision of care as seamless as possible without making the client feel that there is a stranger in the house. We understand that in all cases, trust is a big issue between both the carers and the clients, more so on the side of the client. It is therefore important that the consistency of care is preserved.

More often than not, looking after clients with brain injuries have families around them who are involved in more ways than one. It is also important to understand that the effect of the injury is not only on an individual basis but on a family as a whole. CLCA Nursing ensures that carers designated to a client receive client specific training to address issues within the environment they work. In as much as we promote their independence, the carers are also trained well to recognise and understand the impact of the injury to the family as a whole in order to be there as a pillar of strength when everything is crumbling down. The Clinical Lead Nurses leading the teams are specialised in the field they are supervising so that appropriate guidance is provided to both clients and staff as and when needed.

Furthermore, CLCA Nursing’s commitment to making a difference in these clients lives still stands. Our staff go over and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the client’s quality of life is achieved in every possible way.

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